Value of Appointing an Agent – Q & A

Excerpt of Phone Message, where someone bought direct from Covered CA, where they called him back? and got the wrong plan.   It’s nice now that Covered CA is encouraging the public to use agents, no charge!

“Hi Steve this is xxx   here my number isxxx  if I could use some help.

[***] I need you to sign this form – appoint us as your agent, as I only get paid from Covered CA, when people sign up through me, at NO additional charge.  I don’t get a salary just for helping people.


I got covered California last year and I make about twenty thousand dollars a-year(?) Max some of it isn’t urgent I’m some such(?) my house I don’t know I gotta get rest(?) of social security and somehow or another

[***] We spend two hours last year discussing MAGI – Modified Adjusted Gross Income.  What is line 37 on your 2014 and estimated for 2015 tax returns?  income-magi-definition/


I still wanted to-put(?) the five thousand dollars deductible







At 20k income, my calculator shows Silver 87.  I will send you knew quotes for this year.  Note that my quote engine only does Silver 70.  See the charts for the extra benefits of enhanced silver.


and the problem becomes went when I went to the hospital just walked(?) for a urine test they got me three thousand five hundred dollars for just the urine test.

[***] This sounds wrong.  You should still get the negotiated rate.  Also, it sounds to me, like you ought to be able to go back and get your policy changed, as you “fired” your agent and thought that going direct to Covered CA was going to get you the proper advise, per their advertising.


Doctor says they cheated me to the church the insurance rate for my five thousand dollar deductible met I had to pay every penny of it(?) if you can help me get on a better insurance. I would be it come November fifteenth. I would be real happy.

[***] I’d be real happy if you wrote to Covered CA and asked them to pay me for the past year, as I gave you all that advise and consultation and did not get paid.  They probably won’t, but it would be nice.

Thank you. Again xxx”