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While Covered CA is doing pre-renewals, we suggest you wait till more information, rates, brochures and provider lists are available!


So, use the links on our website or Quote Engine to the Insurance Company online enrollment, so they know we helped you.  We can help you complete the Covered CA application.   We need a commitment from you that you will [appoint us as your agent][20], so that we can hope to make at least minimum wage for consulting with you.

(see also special enrollment  or temporary coverage )

Health Care Reform is here to stay.   I believe the battle ended with the Supreme Court Decision calling it a tax.   We are doing our best to keep up with all the rules, regulations and interpretations.


Questions – Check out the FAQ’s in the “paper” Covered CA Application (9.2013) ONLINE Fillable!


Too many people don’t understand their Health Insurance under Obamacare. That’s why I’ve built this website, to make it understandable. But then, one must be computer literate to find this site, willing to read and learn. We do have some video’s too.


No extension of 3.31.2014 deadline  Individual tax penalties to be enforced  2015 premiums could increase slightly



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