Can I get something else (less expensive) besides HIPAA
I can’t afford anything at all.

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Employer Group of 2 or more employees, including a Spouse, check out the rules & premiums of  our Guaranteed Issue AB 1672 plans
Qualification? Quotes

Individually underwritten plans

 You can double check if you qualify by filling out one of these simple one page forms.  Individual Family members that do not medically qualify can get HIPAA while the rest of the family can go on an underwritten plan.
Pre Underwriting Forms
Pre Underwriting Form
Sample Response

Limited Benefit Plans

Cal COBRA, gives employees in California, of CA based Employers an additional 18 months of coverage.

California & National Government Programs
Gov't Programs

If you are not physically or mentally able to return to work, you might qualify for early Medicare
Disabled? Early Medicare

HIPAA does not require all family members to have coverage, just those that do not qualify for an underwritten plan.

What if I missed the 63 day deadline or for some reason do not qualify for HIPAA? (top)

Uninsured - Guaranteed Issue