HIPAA after COBRA, premium calculation

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How do I find and compare HIPAA rates, benefits and application in the brochures on this website?

And select the “best” one for my pocket book?

Select the Brochure, including Rates, Application and Benefits Summary you want to review first.
HIPAA .pdf brochure linksIf you have trouble loading the brochure, email us and we will email you the brochure.Rate Pages – Los Angeles – ALL Companies 4/2012
Let’s look at PacifiCare First.  PacifiCare is currently giving the fastest and most efficient Service in issuing policies.  Claims and long term service.
The bookmarks section should open up automatically.  Then let’s look at the coverage offered.  Click on Coverage Matrix
Coverage Matrix
A one page summary of the available coverage’s are shown.
One Page Summary
Then find what rating area you are in
Rating AreasUse Search Feature – to find the things you are most interested in learning about
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Next either shop other plans (the process is the same) Sample Comparison Matrix or complete the enrollment applicationIs there much difference in rates & benefits from one company to another?

We do not think so… 80% mandatory loss ratio.

Enrollment Application

Rate & Benefit Pages

What is the best plan?

The answer, as Tevia said in Fiddler on the Roof is, we do not know.

We feel like the Maytag Repairman, in that our clients very rarely call (310.519.1335), Skype or email us with any complaints.  We look forward to helping our clients enforce their legal, contractual & ethical rights with Insurance Companies.

Need Explicit Details and Complex Claims Questions?

Study of Claims and 10 sample policies
Coverage comparison of 10 sample policies
Georgetown University

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Historical Info

Sample  Comparison(We have not updated this lately)

Check the actual brochures, above

Feature – Benefit

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Net Aetna PacifiCare Misc.
HMO SaverSelect Access Plus $15$40
PPO Basic $1,000Share $5,000 $5,000*
Simple Value $50 $2,500$3,500 SDHP (SDA – Self Directed Account)
Select Plan
HSA $4,000 Simple Choice
$4,000 ded
Out of Pocket Max (OOP)*









$19.500*$20,500* $7,000$7,000
Participating Provider List
(MD & Hospital
Provider Finder Provider Finder Provider Finder  Provider Finder
Rx Formulary Formulary Formulary Formulary  Formulary Rx Formulary
Application Paper PAPER Paper Paper
One Page Pre-Application
Find out if you qualify for a underwritten Plan
*In & Out of Network &
Including Deductible
The above section on OOP  is being double checked