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Open Enrollment  for  Individual & Families for 2018 will start again  on 11.1.2017 and ends 6 or 12 weeks later?   If you don’t have coverage now or need to change your plan, check out the special enrollment rules or Temporary Plans.

Medicare Advantage Plans and Part D Rx will have their open enrollment starting 10.15.2017 for a 1.1.2016 effective date.  If you are just turning 65 or are new to Medicare, Part B or under 65 with a disability that gives you a NEW Open enrollment period.

Employer Groups can enroll the year around!

The easiest way to enroll is by using our affiliate websites in the left  hand column or getting quotes  from ALL companies at one time using our Quote Engine. There is no extra charge for our consultation and help, we are paid by the Insurance Companies to help you, year around.

If you qualify for subsidies and want to use Covered CA, just get the (Free Instant Quotes, benefits, provider lists & Subsidy Calculation) we can then complete your Covered CA application.  If you have a Covered CA ONLINE account, you can appoint us as your agent, no extra charge by following these instructions.    In our role as your agent, we offer year around service and consultation, not just completing an application, which no longer even asks for medical history. There is no more Pre-Existing Condition clause, it’s all guaranteed issue §2701.

Health Insurance meeting the lowest 10 “essential benefits” requirement. is mandated for just about everyone starting 1.1.2014. The penalty for non compliance is 2% of income (for 2015 and increasing) and of course possible bankruptcy (the penalty does not get you any coverage) if G-d forbid you become ill or get into a major accident.

Please note that the 10 Essential Benefits mandated by Health Care Reform leave out many important protections like, Life, Disability, Adult Dental or Long Term Care.

The rates and benefits are the same in and out of Covered CA, as Health Care Reform doesn’t want adverse selection. However, there are more plans and companies (Free Instant Quotes)  outside of Covered CA.

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Requirement to Buy Coverage - Flow Chart
Requirement to Buy Coverage – Flow Chart
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