How to Install Front Page if you have Outlook

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Choose Custom install and do NOT install any office tools. You may have to repair Office 2010 after installing FrontPage.

It may be better (depending on your knowledge of HTML and CSS) to use Expression Web instaead of FrontPage. A 60 day trial is available from This will install without any problems with Office. If you buy Expression Web your copy of Office qualifies for upgrade pricing.

Do you have any version of Office later than 2003 installed? If so, choose Custom install and do NOT install any office tools.

If you do not have Office (or Office later than 2003) installed, then use the Complete or typical installation – both are about the same.

Ron Symonds Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

You can try a custom install of Frontpage after installing office 2010. In the custom installation, do NOT install any Office tools– mark them as unavailable in the custom intall dialogue. After installation, you may have to repair Office 2007. I have done this (with FP2003 and Office 2007) without needing the repair step, though installing in chronological order is the best way.

Ron Symonds Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

Do not click “Complete Installation” during the setup process. This will attempt to install all components of Microsoft 2003. How to Install Frontpage 2003 with Office 2007 | eHow

Even if I disconnect one of the features, it still stays on run all from my computerMost of the time I can just click OK and do what I want.  But now I want to change a theme and I can’t.  What do I do?

This feature is not available.  To make this feature available, please run setup again, select add or remove features and change the feature to run from my computer or run from my cd/network