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Open Enrollment starts 11.15.2014 and ends 2.15.2015 for Individual & Families  (Free Instant Quotes, benefits, provider lists & Subsidy Calculation).  The deadline for 1.1.2015 coverage is 12.15.2014.
Medicare Advantage Plans and Part D Rx are enrolling now through 12.7.2014 for a 1.1.2014 effective date.
Employer Groups  can enroll the year around!

Flow Chart to get coverage

Flow Chart to Get Coverage

The easiest way to enroll is by using our affiliate websites in the right hand column or [getting quotes][12] **from ALL companies** at one time using our [Quote Engine][13].  There is [no extra charge for our consultation and assistance][14], we are paid by the Insurance Companies to help you, year around.   If you qualify for subsidies and want to use Covered CA, just get the  (Free Instant Quotes, benefits, provider lists & Subsidy Calculation) then send us an email with the other information needed and we can complete your Covered CA application.   Here’s the  Covered CA agent designation form.   In our [role as your agent][21], we offer year around service and consultation,  not just completing an application, which no longer even asks for medical history.  There is no more [Pre-Existing Condition clause][22], it’s all  guaranteed issue §2701.
Health Insurance meeting the lowest “essential benefits” requirement.  is mandated for just about everyone starting 1.1.2014.   The penalty for non compliance is 1% of income (this year) and of course possible bankruptcy (the penalty does not get you any coverage) if G-d forbid you become ill or get into a major accident.  Please note that the 10 Essential Benefits mandated by Health Care Reform leave out many important protections like,  Life, Disability, Adult Dental or Long Term Care.

The rates and benefits are the same in and out of Covered CA, as Health Care Reform doesn’t want adverse selection.  However, there are more  plans and companies outside of Covered CA.

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10 comments on “Get and understand your Health Coverage now!
  1. Steve Shorr says:

    Quote of the Day

    “Believe nothing merely because you have been told it. Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher. But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis, you find to be kind, conducive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings — that doctrine believe and cling to, and take it as your guide.”
    – Buddha [Gautama Sidd

  2. Steve Shorr says:

    President Obama’s healthcare law, despite a rocky rollout and determined opposition from critics, already has spurred the largest expansion in health coverage in America in half a century,

    at least 9.5 million previously uninsured people have gained coverage. Some have done so through marketplaces created by the law, some through other private insurance and others through Medicaid

    risk of premium hikes next year

    4.5 million previously uninsured adults have signed up for state Medicaid programs

    About 9 million people have bought health plans directly from insurers,

    [use our links in the right hand column]

    a million people who had health plans in 2013 are now uninsured because their plans were canceled for not meeting new standards set by the law

  3. Steve Shorr says:


    Ehealth Insurance reports maybe more younger people enrolling or people buying less expensive plans, as average premiums have dropped. Ehealth does not give subsidies as they don’t participate in Covered CA.

  4. Steve Shorr says:

    Death Spiral of Health Insurance? Too much for too little. No Free Lunch?

  5. Rhonda Royalty says:

    This process of applying for this supposedly money saving health care reform is utterly a complete nightmare. Insurance companies have let go of health plans that used to be offered that were nothing to brag about but yet would keep the average hard working American from filing bankruptcy because of medical debts. I was on a plan that seemed a bit high for what I was actually getting from it. I was paying $464.00 in monthly premiums with a $14,000 total out of pocket ( which is easier to foresee paying off in payments than hundreds of thousands of dollars), if something major might have happened to cover myself, my son and two daughters; this plan was no longer offered when Obama care/ Covered Ca. took effect. Now this process of trying to get Health Insurance coverage has been stressful and frustrating and an utterly disappointing process that has gone on since December 2013. Talking with different representatives that have no idea what is going on, so they think they are trying to help and change things on your application. Now my application has been through the ringer numerous of times and still no affordable rates for the amount of my income. You are not assigned one person to handle your case so it turns into one hand does not know what the other hand is doing. From the start of applying Dec. 2013 there has been obstacles thrown at us from left to right, first application we used our taxes from 2012, they had to verify it no problem, than verify kids birthdays, citizenships, residency, and etc… This seemed to be a lengthy process and we ended up going to an Insurance agent that was trained to handle Covered CA. / Obama Care for help in Jan. 2014 submitted everything by the Jan 15th deadline so we could get insurance by Feb. 1, 2014. Had a plan chosen still no replies? I made numerous calls to Covered Ca. and the Insurance Company that I chose BlueShield Silver 87 PPO, supposedly Covered Ca. did not send the papers for approval over to them; called Covered Ca. they said that they did. Then all of a sudden now they cannot use my taxes, so I gave them my husband’s 2013 W-2 amounts Gross income they adjusted everything and again still no communication from the insurance company. So I called again now they cannot use the W- 2’s from 2013, they needed an estimated amount of what we think we might be making for 2014 income. We submitted what we calculated with one of the representatives she was having a hard time with making adjustments to the application and said she would have to call me back later. When I received the call back it was that they could not use those number amounts and was figuring our income on one pay stub for a monthly income and calculated it for the year of 2014. My husband’s paychecks fluctuate and as of the end of May 2014 he will be fully retired. A $601.00 monthly insurance payment, plus $40.00 per visit for a general doctor, $65 for a specialist, this policy will only cover three of us because my husband is on Medicare and my other daughter is only seventeen, so they said everyone under eighteen enrolls in Medi-Cal. Now if I due a Bronze plan it will cost $462 plus a month but co-pays to the doctors are outrageous and before you can get any medications that would be $19.00 dollars one person would have to pay $5,000 towards the deductible or if there is more than one it is $10,000. This whole Covered Ca. Obama Care backed program is totally out of control and hurts the average hard working American. Have you really looked at what these insurance companies are really offering people? We are receiving a lot less than what was offered before. This is supposed to be better than what we had before, no way is this benefiting the average hard working American. We will have to put more money up front before we get any justifiable medical help. Insurance Companies have found even a better opportunity to take advantage of ripping off the American people. Maybe before you ever had an idea of putting this health care reform in action you really should have looked at the big picture of who is this going to affect. Our Government legislation from the President, to Senator’s, House of Representatives, and Governors of our States and etc…, are all sitting in their luxurious comforts with the best Insurance policies that the people of the United States are funding through all of our taxes we pay. . Remember people of the United States voted for everyone in these offices, it is our money that pays for the legislator’s paychecks, insurance, and etc… So they approve a health care reform that they will not even accept to sign up for. This is a health reform that is not a benefit to all people because still it gears towards helping low income, and illegals. Everyone else that works hard for their money will still be paying for everyone that is in lower income brackets. Truth is what happens if a lower income person gets hurt or someone that does not have citizenship they will automatically get the heath bills paid for? The working consumer may receive health care but will be paying the health debt off for many years. This is not to say we want free health care, but we need something we can afford with the benefits that are affordable. What happened to our Constitutional Rights, we now are told you will be on a health plan or you will be fined. The Subsidies they say are federal subsidies the consumer’s tax dollars pay for all of this. Maybe the government should realize what is good for one is good for all; they need to be on this Obama Care too.

  6. Steve Shorr says:

    Kaiser Study – USA today. 2.11.2014 Health Care Reform premiums not affordable. Subsidies for many do not kick in unless premiums are more than 9.5% of income.

  7. riverman63 says:

    I believe This is only the beginning — This was never made to actually work. This is just a precursor to installing 100% Nationalized Medicine — 2016—

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