17 Reasons of why YOU will feel better with Steve Shorr Insurance.

There is no additional charge Section 1301 a 1 c (iii) PPACA   42 U.S. Code § 18021for our services in advising and helping you obtain the coverage best suited for your needs.  

The Insurance Companies or HMO’s compensate us,  as it saves both you and them time and money.  

Wouldn’t it be nice if the IRS provided you a CPA to help do your taxes at no charge?

  1. Steve Shorr (double “r”)  our President and founder has over 30 years of experience and formal education, including:

  2. a Bachelor of Science Degree from San Diego State University majoring in Insurance.

  3. He also holds the following designations: Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter  CPCU;  

  4. Registered Employee Benefit Counselor REBC;

  5. Life Underwriting Training Fellow LUTCF  and Registered Health Underwriter RHU*, which gives us strong foundation in the Principles of Insurance.

  6. Since 1981 Steve has been serving individuals, small and medium businesses.

  7. We provide Instant 24/7 Quotes, Brochures & Enrollment Materials
    1. Of course, we are here to help you review the above materials and select the plans most appropriate to your needs, concerns and budget.
      1. California – Individual & Family Health Insurance
      2. Employer Group Health Insurance
      3. Medicare – What A Hospital and B Doctor Visits don’t cover
      4. Dental Coverage
      5. Life Insurance.
  8.  Click here to enroll in our complementary service for your Covered CA account.
    1. Visit Brokers Making a Difference.org

      The Benefits Guide.com

      We are still here to help, despite many brokers and navigators leaving the market place. Modern Health Care 7.3.2018  

      2019 less Government Support for navigators Calif Health Line  *


  Seven More

  1. We provide the ultimate in customer service in our role as your agent.  You will never wait on hold – email [email protected]  or call us 310.519.1335;  if we are helping another client, leave a message which will be returned within 2 business hours.
    1. We can also meet with  you face to face visits at your office, factory, home;  or at our office which is conveniently , located off the 110 Freeway in San Pedro, CA a suburb of Los Angeles..
    2. We don’t just give you an off the top of our head answer, but will email you an actual citation to the law or actual insurance company brochure, evidence of coverage, etc.
      1. Thus you can rely on our answer and don’t have to wait hours on hold talking to Customer Service Representatives Looking for a script 
      2. Cal Broker Magazine May 2019 reports that licensed agents receive the highest consumer satisfaction scores.
      3. Check out our testimonials page
    3. We counsel you to get the coverage you need for financial security, as close to half of all bankruptcy filings are due to debt from medical expenses and not just trade dollars with the Insurance Companies.
  2. We monitor  Health Reform – Affordable Care Act, Insurance, and taxation Laws such as HIPAA, COBRA HSA’s, Section §125, The Governor’s Proposals, etc.   and post to this website. We do our best  to make sure our clients have the best coverage available, that it meets their needs and that our answers are the correct ones with actual citations to the law or Insurance Company official literature.  For example:
    1. No sense paying back advance premium subsidies because Covered CA doesn’t understand and gives the wrong advice that MAGI Income isn’t just what’s on line 37 of your 1040.
    2. Individuals & Employer Groups of one non-spousal w-2 employee or more are now guaranteed  medical & health coverage through any medical carrier, including HMO’s and PPO’s. AB 1672.& 1083  2701 10965.3
    3. Sample List of conditions and diseases that may be covered with NO Pre X clause under Health Care Reform. nlm.nih.gov/
    4. Employer provided fringe benefits (Health Insurance) are usually tax deductible for the employer and non taxable to the employee. Section 106   IRS publication 15b 

  3. We  represent  many fine Medical & Life Insurance companies to meet your needs, including but not limited to  Covered CA,  Kaiser, Blue Cross, Blue ShieldUnitedHealthcare, Oscar and  Health Net.
  4. As a public service we also link to various State & Federal Programs for the uninsured, low income, disabled, or chronic medical conditions.  (Leviticus 19:9)
  5. We get tons of Testimonials  – the more recent ones are in the Q & A at the bottom of most all of our webpages + numerous one in private emails.
  6. We maintain this extensive website which includes Video Explanations, Introductions and links to the actual law or Insurance Company brochures.  Sign up here to be notified of our website updates.

  7. This isn’t 10, 12 or 15 as some of the reasons are became sub parts of the ones listed earlier.

*Some of these degrees require continuing education and dues payments.  We show them as part of our formal education & training, not all may be current.  Take a look at our website, we are in constant training and self education

Introduction to Health Care Reform by Steve Shorr

- Video

Website Introduction

30 Second Video from CA Department of Insurance – NAIC – you don’t need to call them, we have everything on THIS website!

Steve - when he's not updating the website outside of Open Enrollment
Steve - when he's not updating the website outside of Open Enrollment

1989 Maytag Repairman Christmas Commercial

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  1. Constant Continuing Education… even things over our head


    RAND Corporation’s Santa Monica Headquarters, in Los Angeles, California. In addition to opening remarks by California Health Secretary Michael Wilkening, the event will feature panels of journal authors presenting topics including:

    Delivery System Innovation
    Markets & Regulation
    Access To Services
    The Search For Universal Coverage
    California’s Evolving Demographics

  2. My best friends, cousins, x wife’s, brother referred me to an agent who is a “Master Broker.” So, what do I need you for?

    • I’ve never heard the term Master Broker*, what is it?

      Can your Master Broker, respond authoritatively like this? Or any other comment or article we have?

      If there is an official designation of Master Broker, do you think I would qualify?
      See above.



      P.S. How many ACA agents know about this pending case, where there won’t be any more protection against Pre-Existing Conditions?

      *Except from one guy known to be a blow hard. Maybe he used to be in the trucking business?

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