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  1. What’s the best HIPAA plan?
    How do I look through the brochures, it’s confusing.

  2. How does it compare to pay more premium but have less out of pocket?

    $$$ Illustration

  3. Is there ONE company that give the best coverage & service?  How does MLR (Medical Loss Ratio) affect pricing & benefits?

  4. What benefits & advantages are in HIPAA?
    What if I have a pre-existing condition?
    Will my Pre-X be covered?

  5. When are you eligible for HIPAA?

  6. What are the questions that you have to answer to qualify for HIPAA?

  7. What forms or proof do I need that my COBRA is used up or that I was not eligible for Cal COBRA?

  8. When & how should I submit my application?

  9. When does my coverage start?

  10. Are there any less expensive plans?

  11. How about if I own or Start a Small Business?

  12. Is there an EASY one page form to see if I can get a Preferred Underwritten Plan?

  13. What about a “conversion” plan?

  14. Can I get on my spouses Employer Group Plan, as I just lost coverage?  Is this a Qualifying Event

  15. What if I missed the 63 day deadline or for some other reason do not qualify?

  16. Where can I get more detail on HIPAA Guarantees & procedures?

  17. What if I don’t live in California?
    Is there a directory to find a qualified Agent/Broker in my State?  How about the Insurance Companies?

  18. Who regulates HIPAA?

  19. What does the Policy, EOC say if I make a late payment?
    State Law?

  20. I thought HIPAA was only for Medical Records Privacy.

  21. Is it safe and legal to buy insurance over the Internet?

  22. Steve, you are worth a MILLION Bucks, how much do you charge for your services?

  23. What about Dental Coverage, Life Insurance and Vision?

If there was a company that gave less service or benefits than the others, I would not represent them.

Mind you, there might be companies that do not pay agents, they are not listed here.  Check the FAQ for the DMHC site that shows all companies, albeit, it’s hard to navigate.

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