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What if you have HIPAA, but move to another State?


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Looking for a out of state agent

Survey of HIPAA options in 50 States
Survey of HIPAA Options



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Insurance Companies may be allowed to use  Mr. MIP and not offer their own plan as allowed by HIPAA law § 300gg–44  (top)


HIPAA and move out of State?

f client moves out of California they will have 6 months from time they move to get coverage in their new state. Conversion  would be available to client in the state where they move. Member will need to contact that state Blue Cross Blue Shield and inquire on plans and rates available for conversion.  Blue Cross Email dated 6.8.2012


Here’s my research so far.  I’m waiting to hear from BC.  Unfortunately, I think this is something just left out when the legislature made the law.

I feel NOT having a way to get HIPAA transferred is a violation of our Constitutional Right to travel.

Looking for a out of state agent
Use this tool to find an agent in your New State if it’s not CA

HIPAA does NOT limit the amount you can be charged for the policy. However, State law may set limits. Also, if your coverage is through a network plan, HIPAA does not guarantee that your policy will be renewed if you move outside the area served by providers under contract with your insurer. In addition, if your coverage is through a high-risk pool, and you move out of the State, HIPAA does not guarantee that your coverage will be renewed

If you have individual health insurance, generally, your coverage is renewable regardless of whether you are a HIPAA eligible individual. Your coverage may be discontinued or non-renewed
by your insurance company, only if you:
? Fail to pay your premiums;
? Commit fraud against the issuer;
? Terminate the policy;
? Move outside the service area (if in a network plan);
? Move outside a State (if in a State high-risk pool); or
? End your membership in an association (if the coverage is available only to members of the association).Source



An Insured becomes ineligible for coverage under this Policy when:


An Insured moves to and lives in a place outside of California.
Page 8

Who is Eligible for Coverage
A resident of the state of California who has properly applied for coverage and who is insurable according to our applicable underwriting requirements. sample policy



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